One of Those Totally Befuddling Days

I woke up this morning with my mind racing. Running through my mind was all the different things I have learned from the ClickTrackProfit training about building my business and how do I put them together. How do I use content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging and build my list. How do I combine them all into a cohesive marketing plan?

I have spent the day trying to figure out a marketing plan. For example, I want to put together a plan to recruit referrals for ClickTrackProfit and build my list. I have sent 1000’s of emails and what happens. I get a referral every now and then. Luck of who opens the email when. I have similar results with trying to build my list.

I need a plan. An organized approach of what to do when. I realize a plan like can be different for every person but there must be some guidelines. I can throw out a bunch of buzz words but I don’t know how to arrange them to work best.

  • Split Testing
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Autoresponder
  • Email Marketing
  • Etc, etc …

Of course, then there is my impatience. I send emails for a week or so about a program. No results. This impatience I can fix. I can force myself to stick with a program and figure out a way to stay motivated. I will do this. I want to get to the magic $2.74/day. (If you don’t know why $2.74/day is important you need to join ClickTrackProfit.)

I joined ClickTrackProfits many years ago. For reasons long forgotten, I started looking for another training hub. I tried this one and that one. Some that I tried cost $!000’s and had high monthly fees. Every one I joined had the same advice – advertise on Facebook. Finally, I had anther one of my morning epiphanies. I already belong to the best training available. Why did I abandon it? I don’t know but I am back and not leaving again.

Does anyone know any books, blogs or post that could help me put a marketing plan together? I would really appreciate your knowledge on this topic. Thanks

Until Next Time,
Bob Caine

PS – No Angry Crab Surfing badges today.

The best training available at any price!

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