I Am Alive Challenge – Day 7

IAmAliveChallenge Day 7 Video

Day 7 of the IAmAliveChallenge for me and still going strong. The group is growing but not as fast as I thought it would. I wonder if people think it is some kind of affiliate marketing program. I know personally there are a lot of people who are afraid to make a video. I was one of those people.

I think I am beginning to understand why so many people enjoy doing vlogs or streaming instead of blogs. It is much easier to talk on a video than it is to come up with something to write each day, at least for me. The difference is that I am just winging it on the videos. I spend a few minutes thinking about what I want to say but I don’t write anything down. A blog is a more formal media form in my mind and therefore needs to be properly structured and have a clear purpose.

Have you ever sat and stared at your screen trying to figure out what to write? I sure have. The first sentence is always the hardest. Many years ago a company I worked for taught me a trick when you were stuck getting started. The first sentence was always,

The purpose of this letter/document is….

That always got me started. That start worked great in the data processing environment but not so good in affiliate marketing. So I had to come up with a variation. What I came up with after thinking about it for quite a while isn’t as definitive as what I originally learned and actually has variations but It gets me started. Here is what I use now.

The benefits to you are….
You are going to lear
The problem this solves is

With affiliate marketing, you need to make your advertising about the be your potential customer and what is going to do for them. The only time it should be about you is if you have a good related story or result that can re-enforce what you are talking about.

I would suggest that you come up with a few ‘sentence starters’ of your own to get you started when your stuck. Make them as specific as possible to your particular business. Just a little trick I thought I would share.

I am not sure how I got on this topic. I had planned something totally different. I will save that for another day.

Until Tomorrow,
Bob Caine

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