bob1100-125My name is Bob Caine.   I am now retired and want to supplement my income.  For over forty years, I made my living in data processing, and I loved it.  During those forty plus years all my expertise was on mainframes, not PCsand the internet.

Shortly after 911, I lost my job.  I had been with the company for twenty years.   Finding a new job at that time was impossible, at least for me.  Luckily, the company that laid me off would call me to do consulting every now and then.  This consulting, along with retirement savings, kept the bills paid.  I wanted to minimize the amount of retirement savings spent so like any unemployed entrepreneur want-to-be , I took to the internet.

I read those ads for programs where I could make $100s, even $1000s or $10,000, every day.  Just what I needed.  Needless to say the income never came but frequently money was spent.  I jumped from program to program never really giving any one a fair chance.  I did make a few dollars here and a few dollars there.  Never enough to cover the costs and never consistently.  I did learn a lot from this internet experience – mostly what not to do.

Then, my old employer called with a full time job offer which I readily accepted.  Everything was great for the next five years.  Then I got sick and was off work on disability.  Once was ready to work again, there wasn’t any work for me to do.   Suddenly, I was retired, not by choice.

Now, I am on my second foray into the world of the internet for the same purpose – extra income.  This time I am a little smarter and more patient.  I learned a lot from my first attempt and am putting it to good use.  I am also constantly learning.  This time instead of the affiliate type opportunities, I am going for ecommerce.  Check out my first online store, Shades for Sunny Days.

This website is so I can share new experiences both successes and failures.  I look forward to your comments, both positive and critical, to help me improve this site.

Together We Succeed