Which Form To Use

Most form builder software offers more than one type of form. Picking the best type for your specific purpose can increase your sign up rate. The 6 most popular form types are

  1. Embedded – probably the most common form
  • Part of page content
  • Doesn’t follow user as they scroll
  • Great for home or landing pages
  • Doesn’t disrupt or infer with content
  • Doesn’t follow user
  • Can be missed if not eye catching or scrolled off screen
  1. Pop-up
  • Pops up after user defined criteria; e.g., time or percent of page
  • User can’t miss a pop-up usually appears in center of screen
  • Disruptive because it blocks content until subscribes or closes form
  • Can annoy visitors
  1. Exit intent
  • Appear when user tries to close screen or leave tab to continue user must subscribe or close form
  • Not disruptive because doesn’t appear until exiting
  • Good for landing page with an offer as a reminder
  • Could promote a different offer which may be more interesting to user
  • Great for pages where content is more important than subscribers
  1. Slide-in
  • Slides in from left or right side of page as opposed to just appearing like a pop-up
  • Can dictate when form appears like pop-ups
  • Usually follow user as they scroll
  • Great when you want content read and the form seen
  • Less annoying than pop-up
  1. Horizontal bar
  • Extends the entire width of display
  • Can be at the top or bottom of screen
  • Can be ‘sticky’ so always visible to user.
  • Not disruptive
  • Can’t put much information
  • Lower conversion than pop-up or slide-in forms because it is easily ignored
  1. Full page
  • Covers entire page
  • Like pop-ups except covers entire page
  • Have to be notice
  • Totally disruptive
  • Use relative content on form

You may want to split test different form types on a lead capture. I want to try an embedded form vs. a pop-up. One thing to note: don’t use pop-up or slide-in forms for mobile viewing. Some form builders allow you choose which type of form to use when.

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