Need Your Opinion Please

This should be a fairly short post. I am writing it to get as many opinions as I can on a point of view as I can. But before I ask your opinion, I have a discovery to share. I write my posts in WordPress and let WordSteem send it Steemit for me. I learned yesterday that the ‘Featured Image’ option in WordPress does not transfer to Steemit. Those of you that use WordPress and WordSteem probably already knew this but I learned yesterday when the image I used with the post did not show up in Steem. Live and learn, keeps life interesting.

OK, now for the point of view that Needs your opinion. (I wish there was a poll option for posts in Steem but if there is I can’t find a reference to it.)

ClickTrackProfit has a feature called the Gauntlet. The purpose of the Gauntlet is to get other CTP members criticism of personally developed pages for use on the internet in one’s business. The Gauntlet provides a great way to perfect internet pages in a somewhat controlled environment. The Gauntlet is not intend to be an advertising platform.

HitsConnect is an ad tracking and rotator system which provides detailed statistics. HitsConnects is used to track your traffic and results by generating a tracking url to use for advertising. In general, it used to help improve your online advertising efforts. HitsConnect is the recommended tracking system for ClickTrackProfit members to use.

Your Opinion Please

HitsConnect urls do not work in the CTP Gauntlet. With which of the following to you agree.

  1. HitsConnect should work in the Gauntlet since it is the recommended tracking software
  2. HitsConnect doesn’t have to work in the Gauntlet since the Gauntlet isn’t intended for advertising
  3. Another option I haven’t thought of

Please leave a comment expressing your opinion. Thank You.

I look forward, as always, to your comments,
Bob Caine

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