Better at Sunset than I was at Sunrise

Better at sunset than I was at sunrise. Any of you who have listen to or read posts by @jongolson have probably heard him use that phase. If you could say that everyday of your life, you would die a very wise and knowledgeable person. For me personally, I have had many days when that wasn’t true and there have even been days when the exact opposite is true. Today, while frustrating, qualifies as a day when I do know more tonight than I did this morning.

I spent the first half of the day becoming more familiar with the Hive. I feel a little more comfortable about using the Hive than I did over the weekend. At least I can find my blog and my wallet but I am still confused and whether to use it or not. It is apparently still on Steem and whether it moves or not is still in question. I have enough trouble with one blockchain. Heaven forbid if I have to use 2. So I gained knowledge this morning but I don’t have much to show for it.

The second half of the day was consumed by video. I needed to make a video and edit for a lead capture page I want to make. To make the video I used a program call OBS. OBS is free and has so much capability it is unbelievable. I can’t image the most expense video creation software having more functionality. It is all this functionality that makes it confusing to a neophyte like me. All I wanted to do is make a video as I scrolled down the ClickTrackProfit Training Lessons. I am sure that it is simple for someone who knows what they are doing but I found more ways to mess it up and start over than you can believe.

What I finally ended up with is the training lessons scrolling with me in a small window inserted in the corner narrating. This is certainly better than my original plan but took a lot more learning. I would watch a tutorial video and think, ‘Oh, that’s neat I need to do that.’ Finally, I had to cut myself off from watch YouTube videos or I would probably still be adding bells and whistles to that video. What I did learn will help me in the future, if I can remember how to do it, but today it was frustrating because I did not expect it to take as long as it did to create the video.

Now that I had the video, I needed to edit it. Again free software loaded with features called OpenShot. All I needed to do was trim some of the video off the front and back. This definitely should not be hard. But it took me more than a dozen attempts to succeed. It was not obvious to me how the trim tool worked. I had a heck of time finding a video showing me how to trim. Probably because no one else has a problem. Again, I learned a lot I didn’t need for today but will serve me well in the future. Now I just have to incorporate my 6 hour (effort) video in my lead capture page. I am saving that for tomorrow.

Once I post this to my blog, I quit for today. I do know more tonight than I did this morning. Hopefully, the same is true tomorrow.

All Comments Encouraged and Welcomed,
Bob Caine

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