Buzzy Day At The Hive

From everything I read in different posts the flight from Steem to the Hive seemed to be pretty uneventful. I only read about a couple of minor glitches. Of course my knowledge of what was going on is all but non-existent, so they could have been major glitches and I wouldn’t know. But they way they were described in the posts, they were not a big deal

I stayed away from Steem and the Hive yesterday on purpose. I didn’t even submit a post. (I justified missing a day because of the transition.) After a 40+ year career in data processing, I have been involved in my share of similar type transitions that did not go smoothly and didn’t want to be around if yesterday’s went badly. Who knows. Maybe me staying away is why everything went so well.

First, on an unrelated topic. The last 2 days, the Angry Crab surfing badges replaced the normal Turtle ones. As I have told you before, I need to surf 1000 sites with the Angry Crabs as the surfing badges 10 times to complete the ‘Surf More’ task of the SeaLifeHits Mastery Challenge on ClickTrackProfit, Today, made number 7 so I only have 3 more to go. Unfortunately, it will probably take 2 more weeks to finish since the Angry Crabs tend to show up only a couple of times a week.

Back to the hive. So everything seemed to transition easily accord to the posts I read. But not for me. I have used ‘key chain’ for my Steem logon basically as long as I had been on Steem. When I first went on the Hive going to, my login via keychain seemed to work fine. I read several posts. Itried to upvote and that seemed to work. when I tried to reply to a post the first problem occurred because my reply won’t post. I tried to go to my wallet and received ‘Access Denied’ followed by my key.

Searching to see if anyone else had had this problem. No Luck. I tried re-enter the keys. Didn’t help. Finally, I removed the ‘keychain’ extention from FireFox and reinstalled it. That worked. At least on everything I have tried so far. Hopefully that is true for posting this as well. We will find out very shortly.

So my ‘keychain’ problem was no big deal, thank goodness. But because of my limited knowledge of how all this work, I had visions of having to get a whole new account and who knows what else. Sometimes technology is our friend.

As Usual, All Comments Appreciated As They Will Help Me Improve,
Bob Caine

PS – I apologize for the images in my last 2 posts. I didn’t mean to throw those big images in your face. I sized them in WordPress within the post. That functionality obviously doesn’t translate in Steem and I am not giving the Hive a chance. I resized the images.

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