A or B? Who Better than the World to Decide.

I am sure you have guesses already what this post is all about already.

If you guessed split testing, your right!

A few posts ago I wrote about the realization that if I used rotators in traffic exchanges, I could change the link on all the te’s by just changing the link in the rotator. I also can use those rotators for split testing.

I have read many posts and articles about split testing. They talk about testing variations of

  • Headings
  • Content
  • Color combinations
  • Calls to Action
  • Button color
  • Backgrounds
  • Images
  • Anything and everything else on the page

I totally understand that it would be great to test all these things. I also understand that it takes a budget to test. It doesn’t matter whether the budget is monetary or the amount of time you have to earn credits, you have to have a budget. If you are like me that but has limits. I have to choose what is most for me to split test. For example, I am not going to test different button colors. Why? Because Russell Brunson did extensive button color testing and determined green works best. I believe him. He does more testing than will ever be able to do. I using green.

For months, I have occasionally wondered, “What have I done to make everyone on the internet dislike me?” I have this thought when I have received very poor or no results from my advertising. Well, a couple of mornings ago I woke wondering if I would have better results if I used an an actual photo instead of a caricature. Is the use of the caricature hurting my credibility? I needed to find out. What better way to find out than split testing?

Image I have been using for branding

Above is the caricature I have been using for several years as branding. I started using it because I thought it would make me stand out. I guess it might have been the ClickTrackProfit training and the number of times I was reminded ‘people buy from those that they know, like and trust’. Also, I don’t see anyone else using a caricature so I probably should have taken a hint from that. Below is the image I am switching to. I am running 2 identical ads except for the brand and I will see what the internet has to say.

Real photo for branding

What are your thoughts about caricature vs photo? Please leave a comment with your views. Thank you.

Please help me improve with your comments,
Bob Caine

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