I Did It!!!

I Finished All the Lessons in ClickTrackProfit

I did it. Finished all the lessons in the ClickTrackProfit Training. I actually did almost all of them twice because I decided I should have taken notes while I went through the lessons the first time. So I have not only finished all the lessons but I have a 38 page outline of the lessons.

The amount of information and knowledge in the 125+ lessons is unbelievable. Any CTP member who has not taken advantage of this training, is only hurting themselves. I think it is in the 2nd lesson and @jongolson says the majority of people who join CTP don’t even start lesson 2. Why did they join?

I made a video to announce my accomplishment but it seems to take a very long time to upload videos. So the video below is hosted on my server so it may be a little slow loading.

Please leave comments to help me improve my videos. One thing I need to work on is looking up. I am not reading a script at all, I guess I am looking at the screen I guess. Definitely have to work on that.

All Comments welcome and encouraged,
Bob Caine

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