IAmAlive Challenge

I Am Alive Challenge

I have missed quite a few days blogging. The first couple of days I just couldn’t think of anything to write about. Trying come up with some ideas, I managed to find several ‘rabbit holes’ that just consumed my days. I kept telling myself ’10 more minutes’ and a couple of hours later, I would still be there. I want to thank @flaxz for ending mental funk and getting me back on track with his great new ebook ‘I Am Alive’.

I saw @flaxz ebook in the CTP gauntlet. I downloaded it right away and read it shortly after that. Some how, some where, I totally missed all information about the IAmAliveChallenge. I noticed today by posts in CTPtalk.com that this is the 18th day for the challenge. I can’t ever make up the time I missed, but I am officially throwing my hat in the ring and entering the challenge.

This post will be my first entry into the IAmAliveChallenge. From what I read in the book, I think I was suppose to make a video on 3Speak to get started. I will do that tomorrow .

To me one of the best things about this challenge, is that it will force me to use the Hive Blockchain Technology. From what I have seen so far, back when we were on Steem, is the passwords and getting paid to do things like posting or curating others posts. Getting paid to post is a good thing.

Any of you who have not read ‘I Am Live’ should do so. You can download it by clicking on the ebook.

I have to cut this short today. I still have to add an email to my list’s emails. I am writing this in WordPress. As I understand it, SteemPress will get my post to all the right places on the Hive. Fingers Crossed. Until Tomorrow.

Bob Caine is in the Challenge

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