I Am Alive – Day 2

My First IAmALive Video

Well, as you can see from the video above, I completed my first IAmAlive video. I did day 2 when the rest of the ‘challengers’ are doing day 18 or 19. That’s OK. I am started and have every intention of sticking with it. I will thanks @flaxz again for thinking of and starting the IAmAliveChallenge. I credit him with getting me out of my mental funk. I was starting to do less and less to grow my business. I attribute that to the restrictions we are under. I didn’t go out that much before the restrictions but the fact that now I am not supposed to go anywhere. There isn’t anywhere to go any way. I was used to once-a-week going out to lunch with a few friends. I never realized how much I enjoyed that until I couldn’t do it. OK, enough about that.

Before I made my video, I decided I needed a ‘title’ page for a lack of name. I didn’t think I wanted anything fancy. I like the format that @flaxz, Erik Gustafsson, uses with the video in the middle. How hard can that be. I am sure if I knew what I was doing it is not hard. Unfortunately, I am a total amateur when it comes to graphics. If the various tools I own will do it, then I can do it. So my first attempt was with Canva. It was very easy to create what I wanted. The problem was that when I down loaded what I created, I lost the functionality. There is no way to download an html version so Plan A didn’t work..

Plan B was to do what I wanted in native HTML. I knew I could do it in HTML but the questions was how long would it take. I have a very basic knowledge of HTML and this was above basic. I scratched Plan B because of how long it would take me. Plan C was to use the graph software I have, GIMP 2.0, to create it. GIMP is a fantastic tool but overly complicated when you only use it every once in a while like me. So after 1 quick attempt, I scraped Plan C and decide just to do a plain Title Page with the video editor, PlanD.

Plan D even became complicated because for anything other than simple text on a solid color background, you must use a program called Inkscape. Inkscape is a graphics program probably as complicated as GIMP but of course don’t work the same. Luckily I made some good guesses and managed to get the title page done in about 30 minutes. So all for the want of a title page, it took me 4-5 hours, but I got it done. I will work on learning more later.

Until tomorrow,
Bob Caine

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