It Has Been A Good Day

It has been a good day. I actually managed to get everything done that I wanted on a day that had additional commitments. The plumber was here fixing a leak I have in the basement. This has reeked havoc with all the rain we have had in Alabama the last 3 weeks. And, the real time killer was taking our 7 month old, 75 pound puppy, Sarge. to training. It is fun and with a large dog necessary.

Back to today’s accomplishments

  • I installed and used SteemPress. Now I can create my post in WordPress and it is automatically posted in Steemit as well. I still need to figure out tags but thanks to a comment by @lisamgentile, I learn about default tags which helps. Pictures transfer fine and the posts show up in Steemit very quickly. This is going to be a big help.
  • I completed my 3rd ‘surf 1000 sites’ on SeaLifeHits with the AngryCrab surf badges. Only need 7 more to complete the ‘Surf More’ Mastery task. I hope the Angry Crab surf badges show up tomorrow but that is not likely from what I know.
  • I did some work on cleaning up my blog but still have a lot to do. It has been so long since I used a WordPress blog that I am going to have to relearn a bunch of stuff.
  • I did 4 lessons in the CTP training. I would have liked to have done more but time didn’t allow more.
  • I did several Scavenger hunt’s on CTP.
  • And finally, I had enough time to write this post.

Hopefully, I can be as productive tomorrow as I was today. I need to

  • Start cleaning up my blog
  • Create the second splash page I need for the SeaLifeHits Mastery Challenge
  • Of course create a new post in my quest to post 366 days in a row
  • Do the normal surfing necessary.
  • Do some CTP training
  • Comment on posts on Steemit and CTPtalk

We will see what tomorrow brings.

PS As always, your comment are not ony welcome, they are encouraged. The only way I am going to get better is with your help. Thank You

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