Let’s Try SteemPress


Okay, I have copied the posts I already had on Steem. Now it is time to see how it works so this particular post will be short. What I hope to learn is

  • Did I set up everything correctly and this post gets to Steem
  • How long does it take for the post to get to Steem
  • Do pictures transfer
  • Do tags transfer
  • More questions I am sure once I see what happens.

Angry CrabBefore I try this I do have to let everyone know the Angry Crabs are back today. YEAH! Personally, I hope they stay for a week but I know they won’t. I just have to take them as they come. After I surf 1000 sites today I will have 3 of 10 1000 site surfs with Angry Crab surf badges I need.

Ok, lets see how SteemPress works. Hopefully I will have time this afternoon for another post.

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