This Is Not The Post I Intended

Crypto Currency

This replaces my intended March 4, 2020 post. I couldn’t post the post because I ran out of Steem power. I didn’t even know I had Steem power. To start with I thought, “No big deal, there has to be a way to buy Steem power.” Well, if there is I can’t find it. I spent hours trying to buy Steem power. Everything I tried lead me to Block Trade. At the moment, for some reason, Block Trade can’t deal with Steem crypto currency. All the Steem currencies are “under maintenance”.

I looked high and low for a way to purchase Steem power. Every path I followed lead me to Block Trades. There has to be somewhere else to purchase Steem crypto. If there isn’t, sounds like a great opportunity for someone who knows what they are doing. That, unfortunately, is not me. I’m lucky to get logged into Steem at this point.

If you can’t tell, I am brand new to crypto currency. I have always been amazed how a ‘currency’ without anything backing it other than “blind faith” could survive. But, not only are they surviving, they are flourishing. So I did learn a few things trying to buy Steem power. One place I can buy and sell crypto currencies is Problem solved right. No, you have to have crypto to buy crypto. Catch 22???

So where can I buy crypto using a traditional method or even PayPal. ClickTrackProfit training comes through again. In the training, there is a lesson on “Buy & Selling”. In that lesson, Jon Olson recommends to purchase a crypto currency using traditional methods. Thought I had my quest for Steem power solved. But, NO!

You need verify your bank account to purchase crypto. With a lot of banks you can do this online. NOT MINE! At my bank, there is an account number and then there is the account number on the check which contains the main account number with a prefix and suffix. Neither one was accepted so they are going to make two small deposits so I can verify my account. This is going to take a couple of days, so until then I am stuck and can’t do anything on Steem.

Very Frustrating day to say the least!

I am going to try and post this since I received a little bit of Steem power today 3/5/20. I hope it is enough.

PS – I have almost 15 Steem delegated. I have no idea how this happened. I just learned about ‘Delegating’ today on SteemSavvy. Anyone have any idea how this may have happened? THNX

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