I Am Alive Challenge Day 5 Click here is to see the day 5 video for the IAmAliveChallenge Three things I am putting on my to do list with high priority. Figure out how others are getting their 3Speak videos in their posts. WordPress does not recognized the 3Speak links as video. I will just have to play with it. Figure out how not to get both my video and the post with my soon to be video on ctptalk. I haven’t reached the point where people want to see…

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IAmAlive Challenge

I Am Alive Challenge I have missed quite a few days blogging. The first couple of days I just couldn’t think of anything to write about. Trying come up with some ideas, I managed to find several ‘rabbit holes’ that just consumed my days. I kept telling myself ’10 more minutes’ and a couple of hours later, I would still be there. I want to thank @flaxz for ending mental funk and getting me back on track with his great new ebook ‘I Am Alive’. I saw @flaxz ebook in…

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Let’s Try SteemPress


Okay, I have copied the posts I already had on Steem. Now it is time to see how it works so this particular post will be short. What I hope to learn is Did I set up everything correctly and this post gets to Steem How long does it take for the post to get to Steem Do pictures transfer Do tags transfer More questions I am sure once I see what happens. Before I try this I do have to let everyone know the Angry Crabs are back today.…

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