I have absolutely no idea what kind of dreams I had last night or any night. I never can. I never remember my dreams. But, I woke up this morning thinking about branding on traffic exchanges. Branding is one of the two big B’s in ClickTrackProfit.

We know CTP thinks traffic exchanges are useful. There is a landing page creator. The gauntlet is designed to get feedback on capture and squeeze pages used on TEs. And, there are traffic exchanges in the mastery challenges. So, CTP recognizes traffic exchanges are part of affiliate marketing but in all the lessons, there is not a single reference or lesson about traffic exchanges. Surprising.

Let’s think about branding on TEs. The best know and obvious place for branding is the squeeze and capture pages. You can create your own and most of the TEs I know have some pages they have created that you can brand. This is great and will be seen. But think of the other places that could be branded.

Banners could definitely be branded. Unfortunately, I have never seen a TE that has branded banners. This means you have to create your own. If you use Adkreator, you can create 9 different size banners. If you use Canva, you can create banners. If you use graphics software like Gimp or PhotoShop, you can create banners. And of course you could always hire someone, to create some banners for you. Why would you do this? I think branded banners would make you stand out. No one else is doing it. The more you are seen, the more you will be remembered.

But the biggest branding opportunity on TEs in my opinion, is the chat functionality that most traffic exchanges have. It is free and requires very little effort. I just recently started saying ‘HELLO’ on every TE I surf. This not only gets my brand out there but it gives me a chance to meet and talk to new people. I have met several new people since I started using chat.

We all know ads on traffic exchanges do not have a high success rate but if we are going to use them, shouldn’t we use it to the fullest extent? I have read articles that say people need to see something at least 7 and as high as 21times before they buy. Wouldn’t you think exposing them on traffic exchanges would help email marketing? Aren’t they more likely to buy if they have seen it several times on TEs? I certainly think so.

Angry Crab

While I was surfing SeaLifeHits today I found the Angry Crab badge. This may mean that the Angry Crab surf badges will be used tomorrow.

This just speculation on my part we will see what tomorrow brings.

PSAs always your comments are not only welcome but encourage. My post will only improve with your help. Thank You in advance.

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