I have absolutely no idea what kind of dreams I had last night or any night. I never can. I never remember my dreams. But, I woke up this morning thinking about branding on traffic exchanges. Branding is one of the two big B’s in ClickTrackProfit. We know CTP thinks traffic exchanges are useful. There is a landing page creator. The gauntlet is designed to get feedback on capture and squeeze pages used on TEs. And, there are traffic exchanges in the mastery challenges. So, CTP recognizes traffic exchanges are…

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This Is Not The Post I Intended

Crypto Currency

This replaces my intended March 4, 2020 post. I couldn’t post the post because I ran out of Steem power. I didn’t even know I had Steem power. To start with I thought, “No big deal, there has to be a way to buy Steem power.” Well, if there is I can’t find it. I spent hours trying to buy Steem power. Everything I tried lead me to Block Trade. At the moment, for some reason, Block Trade can’t deal with Steem crypto currency. All the Steem currencies are “under…

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The Angry Crabs Are Here

Yeah! The Angry Crab surf badges showed up today at SeaLifeHits. I thought maybe they showed up because I found the Angry Crab badge yesterday. But I had a comment from @crusin that says they just randomly appear and only last for a day. It is going to take a long time to finish each of the Mastery’s in ClickTrackProfits. Getting the referrals and commissions I need to complete the SeaLifeHits will probably take me even longer than the Angry Crab surf badges. The good news is the the Angry Crab surf badges showed up. The bad…

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