Steem Frustration Abated

As you may have seen, I did manage to post to Steem yesterday. This is due to the generosity of @clicktrackprofit (Jon Olson) who delegated some Steem power to me. He also explained the reason for all the Steem cyrpto currencies being under maintenance. There is an attempt to take over Steem right now and this is a way to help prevent the take over. Also, @ph1102 sent me a link to another site where I could buy Steem. I haven’t tried it yet.

Now, my Steem mystery is why I have almost all of my SP delegated when I have done absolutely nothing to delegate it.

In Steemsavvy, I learned about which can be used to track SP that a user has delegated. It showed that I have not delegated SP to anyone. Is there some kind of automatic delegation for newbies?

I just got the answer about my delegated SP from Rob P. Crusin and CaptainBob on the CTP/SteemSavy server of Discord. As you see in the image above. I have 39.970 SP delegated. 14.970 of those are delegated by Steem itself when you open your account and is reduced as you earn SP on your own. The remaining 25 delegated SP is from Jon Olson when I ran out. Mystery solved.

It is great to have community where support is available. I would highly recommend the CTP/SteemSavvy server on Discord and The Official ClickTrackProfit Telegram Group on Telegram. I had never heard of Telegram or Discord until CTP and SteemSavvy respectively. Luck for me. I really needed them today.

For anyone who might be interested SteemSavvy is a great, totally free training site. Jon Olson created this site to help people become familiar with Steem and its functionality. I would highly recommend join this site to get you started on Steem. It is well worth it and will save you the frustration that Steem can create. Join SteemSavvy and save yourself a lot of frustration.

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