I Am Alive Challenge Day 5

Click here is to see the day 5 video for the IAmAliveChallenge

Three things I am putting on my to do list with high priority.

  1. Figure out how others are getting their 3Speak videos in their posts. WordPress does not recognized the 3Speak links as video. I will just have to play with it.
  2. Figure out how not to get both my video and the post with my soon to be video on ctptalk. I haven’t reached the point where people want to see it twice yet.
  3. I want to make an intro for my video with a bee flying around. This my take me a while.

Those 3 ‘To Do’s’ will keep me busy for a while. Hopefully not too long. To day was going so well. I got my video done earlier than usual. But then 3Speak didn’t want to co-operate. I had to try 5 times before my video successfully encrypted. That took a while. The worst part was that all the information about the video has to be re-entered. You would think that you could reuse that information. Guess not.

Erik @flaxz and Bradley @bradleyarrow have been putting in a lot of work to enhance the IAmAliveChallenge. There is now a Discord site for IAmAlive which provides a great place to get information and answer. Bradley created a ‘curation-trail. What the heck is a curation trail? I had the exact same question. Hopefully, I can explain it. A Curation Trail (or train as keep wanting to type) is a group of Hive members who elect to follow the Curation (up voting) of the trail’s leader. So when Bradley up votes a post or video or whatever everyone in the curation trail votes for the same thing automatically. A curation trail helps people earn crypto faster.

So that brings another day to a close please join us in the IAmAliveChallenge on the Hive. Do you realize you get paid for your activity on the Hive? You do. Get your free ebook to get started in the IAmAliveChallenge. http://trckapp.com/get-iamalive

Until Tomorrow,
Bob Caine

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