The Angry Crabs Are Here


Yeah! The Angry Crab surf badges showed up today at SeaLifeHits. I thought maybe they showed up because I found the Angry Crab badge yesterday. But I had a comment from @crusin that says they just randomly appear and only last for a day. It is going to take a long time to finish each of the Mastery’s in ClickTrackProfits. Getting the referrals and commissions I need to complete the SeaLifeHits will probably take me even longer than the Angry Crab surf badges. 
The good news is the the Angry Crab surf badges showed up. The bad news was that I had to surf 1000 sites and that takes time. I chose to forego the time I have allocated for training modules at ClickTrackProfit (CTP) for surfing. I hate not doing any training in a day because there is so much training and I am only 34% done. Maybe I can double up on training modules tomorrow.

Another thing I am planning on doing tomorrow is start using Steempress. As I understand it, Steempress provides a bridge between my WordPress blog and my Steem blog. From what I have learned so far about Steempress, my post should show up here, Steemit, but I won’t know for sure until I try it. I am hoping that images get copied as well but noting I have read so far says that they get copied or not. I will just have to try it and see.

Using Steempress is going to create more work because my WordPress blog is not in good shape. I am going to have to get it up to date with what I am doing now. I started the blog years ago when I was pursuing very different programs. I am going to have to change a lot.


By the way, the WordPress blog is Please understand that I need some time to get it cleaned up

PS – All constructive comments, good and bad, are not only welcome but encouraged. I can’t get any better without your help. Thanks in advance for your comments.#steempress#ctp#bobcaine#sealifehits

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