Let’s Try SteemPress


Okay, I have copied the posts I already had on Steem. Now it is time to see how it works so this particular post will be short. What I hope to learn is Did I set up everything correctly and this post gets to Steem How long does it take for the post to get to Steem Do pictures transfer Do tags transfer More questions I am sure once I see what happens. Before I try this I do have to let everyone know the Angry Crabs are back today.…

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The Angry Crabs Are Here

Yeah! The Angry Crab surf badges showed up today at SeaLifeHits. I thought maybe they showed up because I found the Angry Crab badge yesterday. But I had a comment from @crusin that says they just randomly appear and only last for a day. It is going to take a long time to finish each of the Mastery’s in ClickTrackProfits. Getting the referrals and commissions I need to complete the SeaLifeHits will probably take me even longer than the Angry Crab surf badges. The good news is the the Angry Crab surf badges showed up. The bad…

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