Steem Frustration Abated

As you may have seen, I did manage to post to Steem yesterday. This is due to the generosity of @clicktrackprofit (Jon Olson) who delegated some Steem power to me. He also explained the reason for all the Steem cyrpto currencies being under maintenance. There is an attempt to take over Steem right now and this is a way to help prevent the take over. Also, @ph1102 sent me a link to another site where I could buy Steem. I haven’t tried it yet. Now, my Steem mystery is why…

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This Is Not The Post I Intended

Crypto Currency

This replaces my intended March 4, 2020 post. I couldn’t post the post because I ran out of Steem power. I didn’t even know I had Steem power. To start with I thought, “No big deal, there has to be a way to buy Steem power.” Well, if there is I can’t find it. I spent hours trying to buy Steem power. Everything I tried lead me to Block Trade. At the moment, for some reason, Block Trade can’t deal with Steem crypto currency. All the Steem currencies are “under…

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