Question Answered

If you read yesterday’s post, you will remember that I found the Angry Crab badge. Every time I found that badge before, the next day the Angry Crab surf badges replace the more common Turtle surf badges. So I speculated that if you found the Angry Crab badge one day, the next day would have the Angry Crab surf badges. Now I can tell you for sure that this is not true. I did not have the Angry Crab surf badges today. Darn it. So I guess I will agree…

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Steem Frustration Abated

As you may have seen, I did manage to post to Steem yesterday. This is due to the generosity of @clicktrackprofit (Jon Olson) who delegated some Steem power to me. He also explained the reason for all the Steem cyrpto currencies being under maintenance. There is an attempt to take over Steem right now and this is a way to help prevent the take over. Also, @ph1102 sent me a link to another site where I could buy Steem. I haven’t tried it yet. Now, my Steem mystery is why…

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This Is Not The Post I Intended

Crypto Currency

This replaces my intended March 4, 2020 post. I couldn’t post the post because I ran out of Steem power. I didn’t even know I had Steem power. To start with I thought, “No big deal, there has to be a way to buy Steem power.” Well, if there is I can’t find it. I spent hours trying to buy Steem power. Everything I tried lead me to Block Trade. At the moment, for some reason, Block Trade can’t deal with Steem crypto currency. All the Steem currencies are “under…

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Let’s Try SteemPress


Okay, I have copied the posts I already had on Steem. Now it is time to see how it works so this particular post will be short. What I hope to learn is Did I set up everything correctly and this post gets to Steem How long does it take for the post to get to Steem Do pictures transfer Do tags transfer More questions I am sure once I see what happens. Before I try this I do have to let everyone know the Angry Crabs are back today.…

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My First Steem Post

The following post was my very first adventure into Steem. I am going to copy the posts I created in Steem before I installed SteemPress and then I will try a short post to learn how SteemPress works. Hello Steem World, My name is Bob Caine and I am brand new to the world of Steem. I have been learning about Steem through the training on ClickTrackProfit and SteemSavvy. At the moment, I am on information overload trying to understand the ins and outs of Steem. I realized that the only way I am…

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